The House Select Committee hearings are necessary to understand what happened before, during and following the Benghazi attack. Yes, democrats will call it a kangaroo court and a waste of time and money. The pro-Obama press and media will boycott or completely ignore the inquiry. But Americans and, especially, families of those murdered must learn the truth devoid of political hype, spin, false narratives and deliberate cover-up.
Was the attack preventable? Who decided to keep that embassy open after multiple threats and while others were evacuated? Who actually denied Ambassador Steven’s numerous requests for additional protection? If not the President, who recommended the attack be blamed on an inconsequential video? Did Hillary Clinton participate in any decision-making?
Surely, President Obama knew our foreign embassies are extensions of United State’s territory and an embassy attack is on our country. Is failure to fulfill the Presidential Oath of Office to “preserve and protect” the United States dereliction of duty? Could it be grounds for impeachment?
With critical, life-threatening events occurring in Benghazi why did Barack Obama place higher priority on flying the following morning to a political fund-raising event in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Finally, a proper response must be forthcoming to Hillary Clinton’s question, “What difference does it make how four Americans were murdered?” It certainly did make a difference to the families of Ambassador Stevens and the others if their murders could have been prevented by the Obama Administration exercising prompt and decisive leadership.