America’s future will bare little resemblance to the Nation we, our parents and our forefathers willed to us. Rather than a free and open society based on a sound Constitution and two party political system it will become a one party Democrat dictatorship. More than likely, George W. Bush was the last Republican President for generations to come. This will insure leading elective offices, both Houses of Congress and the Presidency will remain firmly in their control.
Democrats seem successful in utilizing an unbeatable strategy combining understanding of human nature, greed, blaming income disparity and bogus wars on minorities and women and encouraging a dependency society.
Ironically, Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential standard bearer in 2012 correctly predicted that prior to election day his opponent already could count on 47% of the expected vote based on dependency statistics. This proved correct when Barack Obama added to this total, not because he was better qualified but, because he was a man of color. Many felt obligated to prove that racial prejudice was strictly a forgotten element of America’s past.
There remains one element of electoral prejudice left to be overturned. With almost 30 months before the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton, whether qualified or not will benefit by a bogus War on Women that could anoint her the first woman President.
The final nail in the coffin of the two Party system will occur when utter stupidity prevails and millions of foreign invaders who have flooded our country and broken our laws are rewarded for their criminality with amnesty and American citizenship.