America is literally going to “Pot” and President Obama, liberal politicians and the Mainstream Press are equally complicit. He and his Party are supporting a policy that can only result in untimely death for many of the current and future generations.
It makes no sense for the Obama Administration to conduct a taxpayer-financed multi-million dollar campaign designed to discourage smoking and use of tobacco products while simultaneously supporting legalization of recreational marijuana.
Almost all medical professionals agree that those addicted to dangerous drugs like heroin first start with smoking pot which is considered a gateway drug. Yet, the press and communications media are either deliberately ignoring the potential danger or allowing worship, adoration and support of Obama and his policies to color or adversely influence their common sense.
The irony is that left-wing politicians are simply combining liberalism and greed. They envision a golden trough of marijuana-based tax revenue from legalization. They see it helping to finance further control of our lives and dream of how it can augment their desire to redistribute American wealth. Neither should we discount the potential of a newly created billion dollar American business capable of rewarding supporters with significant political contributions.
We are not being faithful to our children, grandchildren and future generations if we stand mute or idly by and allow the drugging of America. Its time to reject any and all politicians, regardless of Party or political persuasion, if they fuel the fires of hard core drug addiction.