Nothing exemplifies liberal, pro-Democrat press and media bias more than how Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton, Sen. Menendez and Gov. Christie have been treated. How else could a traffic jam supersede in importance murder of four Americans in Benghazi or alleged acts of impropriety and unethical conduct by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman?
Traffic jams occur whenever bridges and highways undergo repair. The George Washington Bridge incident occurred because of utter stupidity by members of Gov. Christie’s staff. It was wrong, inexcusable and properly punished by an embarrassed Governor.
Murder of Ambassador Stevens, three others and destruction of our embassy was reflection on lack of leadership, incompetence and was followed by a deliberate cover-up by the President and Sec. Clinton. Promise of justice is forgotten, no one  apprehended or punished and the press remains mute.
Moreover, Congressional hearings uncovered the fact that lives may have been saved that fateful night if the President hadn’t retired early for a morning out of town fund-raising trip.
When America’s safety and security are threatened by nations intent on our destruction, Sen. Menendez (D.-N.J.) is the wrong choice to chair any Senate committee. If the press were  fair and unbiased they would demand he step aside until current F.B.I. investigations of his actions are complete and all of his legal and personal problems are solved.
Meanwhile, a traffic jam is treated like the end of the world and murder of Americans and questionable conduct by a U.S. Senator virtually ignored or relegated to back page mention in the press..

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