Should we be optimistic about America’s future? Will it be the same wonderful country willed to us by our parents and founding fathers? For many, especially seniors, the answer is a resounding “No”.
Policies and programs instituted by President Obama raise serious doubts concerning our nation’s economic viability, military preparedness, safety, security and quality of life. Many also worry that Barack Obama’s tendency to rule by Executive Order disregards our Nation’s Constitution and is dictatorial rather than democratic.
Yes, life expectancy has increased thanks to American medical science and care but, whether this will continue under socialized medicine is questionable. Thanks to Capitalism and Free Enterprise we enjoy sophisticated advances in communication, transportation, energy, electronics and entertainment. Yet, we are a debtor nation and unwilling to adopt corrective measures such as a Balanced Budget Amendment to our Constitution that could prevent eventual national bankruptcy.
Unfortunately, many have been encouraged to depend on various government programs simply to insure political allegiance to democrat politicians. This discourages individual initiative, ambition and personal responsibility.
Will America’s future will be devoid of morality, time-honored religious teachings and decency. Will it continue supporting death rather than life for the unborn? Can the HIV/Aids epidemic be eradicated by legalizing and condoning the main cause, same sex relationships? Is it wise to legalize marijuana, a gateway to more harmful drugs? Finally, should we consider Immigration Reform that rewards criminality but leaves our borders unsealed?
Answers to all of these questions will determine America’s future.