One lingering thought should be remembered when dealing with Russia. It was Barack Obama who secretly promised to be “more flexible”  concerning unilateral reduction of America’s military. Did Vladimir Putin help Obama save face in return for fulfillment of that promise? Was the New York Times correct claiming Barack Obama was outfoxed and outsmarted by Putin.


We now realize that because of the President’s lack of leadership and propensity to shoot from the lip concerning a “red line“, his standing as a World Leader has been irretrievably damaged. We also know his reputation as America’s “ Commander-In-Chief” has been compromised by simply ridiculous military decisions. No military leader should ever tell a prospective enemy the time and duration of an attack, type of weapons to be used, possible targets or anticipated goals.



It should be evident Barack Obama’s experience as a Chicago Community Organizer for ACORN did not qualify him to be either our “Commander-in-Chief” or “Leader of the Free World“. Because of his ineptitude, America has lost the trust and respect of both international friends and foes.


We might as well realize Vladimir Putin has successfully negotiated an agreement protecting his friend Bashar Assad and insuring he will not be punished for killing, maiming and gassing innocent civilians and children. That is a sad commentary.


Can we or the State of Israel trust Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, KGB Agent Vladimir Putin, the United Nations and, finally, Barack Obama? If either is unreliable, the world will be a much more dangerous place.

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