Has America’s timidity and ineffective response to domestic and international terrorism emboldened those who oppose democratic principles and freedoms? Were the Boston bombings simply another test of our government’s unwillingness to properly identify and counter radical Islamic Jihad?
     The cowardly attack using bombs packed with nails and buckshot were specifically designed to kill and maim innocent civilians.  Why did it take our President almost 24 hours to conclude it was an act of terrorism? Why cover up and deny swift and forceful response to murdering four Americans in Benghazi, Libya? Why designate Islamist Major Nidal Hassan’s murder of servicemen at Fort Hood, Texas, “workplace violence”.
     Yes, Osama bin Laden is dead but Al Qaida, and the Taliban are alive and have America and other free nations in their cross-hairs. Reluctance to recognize radical Islamist involvement in terrorism represents dangerous weakness.
      Evidence of their uncivilized activity is widespread. Palestinian rockets rain down on innocent Israel civilians. Ahmoud Ahmadinejad has vowed to annihilate that small nation. Syria is committing genocide against it’s own citizens and Iran is continuing development of nuclear weapons. North Korea has threatened a nuclear attack against America, Japan and South Korea. To our South, Communist Cuba and Venezuela are possible threats.
     America also remains in increasing danger from radical foreign and domestic sympathizers. It is said that President Theodore Roosevelt spoke softly and carried a big stick. That is far better than a masterful orator who is weak, vascilating and unwilling to admit radical Islamic terrorism exists.