America is becoming unrecognizable. National pride, patriotism, morality, family values and religious faith are succumbing to socialist ideology. Secularists and Godless advocates are seeking to stifle religious liberty and constitutionally guaranteed freedom.
Government is legalizing drugs, teaching small children sex and providing eleven year old girls abortion medication without parental notification. Having children out of wedlock and same sex relationships are in vogue.

Opportunity, ambition and work ethics have been replaced by government dependency and a “what’s in it for me “ syndrome. Programs designed to temporarily assist the indigent are bribing, enhancing and encouraging political support from those who willingly tender votes and allegiance for “free stuff“. Illegal foreign invaders will be rewarded with government handouts, citizenship and voting rights.
We borrow money from Communist China to finance overspending and trillion dollar deficits. Member contributions into Social Security and Medical Services have been spent and replaced by promissory notes. Unsustainable deficits continue without meaningful attempts to reduce unsound and dangerous impacts on future generations.
Our President seems intent on diminution of America’s military capability while external dangers seem extremely foreboding. Sacrificing our military superiority encourages friends to doubt our support and emboldens enemies to question our deterrent ability. Downgrading our space program requires America to pay Russia millions of dollars to transport our astronauts to and from our space station.

America has lost its way and bares little resemblance to the wonderful Nation willed to us by our parents and grandparents. When will we wake up?