No sound reason exists to alter the time honored institution of marriage in order to satisfy a group of homosexuals and lesbians. Rather, we should redefine same sex relationships as “associations”, provide equal legal protection and leave traditional “marriage” unchanged.  It should remain limited to the union of one man and one woman and immune to governmental interference, Supreme Court dictates, politicians or a small but vociferous well-financed same-sex lobby.

No public referendum or proof indicates Americans prefer changing traditional marriage or favor a lifestyle responsible for most of this country’s and the world’s HIV/Aids epidemic.

While Barack Obama  promised “change and a fundamental transformation of our society” it should not eradicate century old religious and biblical customs. If two men or two women want to live together, its strictly their own business. Why must the majority be required by law to sanction it as normal or comparable to traditional marriage?

Sadly, sanctifying such behavior as normal also encourages homosexual pedophiles that belong to groups like (NAMBLA), the North American Man Boy Love Association. Redefining marriage also raises the specter of what government will approve of next. Will it be marriage between one man and two woman, three or more same sex individuals or to one’s favorite pet?

Hopefully, Gov. Chris Christie, religious organizations, enlightened politicians, those of all political persuasions and our press and media can all support a public referendum on this issue and finally put it to rest.