President Obama and his family’s lavish living styles are unaffected by sequestration and his forced budget reduction plan? While the President cancelled White House tours for school children, taxpayers have paid for over 100 expensive rounds of golf including a three day trip for lessons and a game with Tiger Woods that cost $930,000.

Educational grants for children of deceased military personnel of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been slashed but $1,600,000 approved so Obama could fly to Las Vegas, Nevada and deliver a 25 minute political speech that could have been given from the White House.

Americans are inconvenienced by sequester-caused delays at Airport Terminals and Ports of Entry, but none occurred for any of the First Family’s $500,000 sightseeing trips to Spain, Africa and Botswana.

States bordering Mexico have incurred sequester-related reductions of Border Patrol agents and security personnel while over 2,000 illegal alien prisoners, including dangerous felons, were released and now roam the streets. Strangely, no problems occurred financing over $20 million for the First family’s Hawaiian vacations nor treating their 13 year old daughter and a dozen close friends to a Spring break in Mexico. That multi-thousand dollar trip saddled taxpayers with paying for two jumbo military jets, their flight personnel, 25 Secret Service agents and numerous White House support staff.

Complicit in ignoring these comparisons is our mainstream press and media that have abdicated their responsibility to be fair, honest, non-partisan and critical of the President when warranted.