The Obamas are taking unfair advantage of taxpayers simply because  their travel, expenses and protection are guaranteed. The multi-million dollar costs of their sightseeing trips, ski sojourns, vacations and golf outings are being shouldered by the poor and hard-pressed middle class taxpayers. During high unemployment, increased payroll taxes, oppressive energy and gasoline costs and huge budget deficits should we pay millions for the First Family’s frequent fun and games?

How beneficial, if over $20 million in costs for the Obama’s Hawaii vocations, alone, were split between victims of hurricane Sandy and America’s Wounded Warriors. Why should taxpayers pay a million dollars for a golf lesson with Butch Harmon and game with Tiger Woods in Palm City, Fla. when 20 minutes from the White House is an excellent golf course at Camp David? If the Obamas would limit a few sightseeing trips and golf outings it would pay for hundreds of inner-city and under-privileged children to enjoy summer camp.

Was it necessary to pay $1,600,000 so Barack Obama could give a 20 minute speech in Las Vegas when it could be given from Washington?  Realize that an Obama vacation uses Marine One, a helicopter, two giant Boeing 747’s designated Air Force One, Boeing 757 wide body jets for Secret Service, limousines, press, media plus electronic and teleprompter equipment. Ignored is the $181,757 cost of operating large Air Force planes each in-flight hour. How ironic that the main stream press stands mute while our Vacationer and Chief is stiffing taxpayers.