This letter is in response to Bob Engle’s Feb.10th column in the Asbury Park Press concerning Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ). The newspaper was also correct in stating recently that, “ Menendez has a lot of explaining to do”.

Why has the Senator escaped more comprehensive inquiries concerning alleged acts of impropriety and unethical conduct. Could it be unwillingness by the liberal media and  Fourth Estate to embarrass a fellow liberal?

Why did he take two years to reimburse a substantial campaign contributor $58,500 for two mysterious flights to the Dominican Republic? What was so important to justify paying ten times what they were worth?  Is there any connection between him and a current F.B.I investigation of the campaign donor who provided those flights?

At a time when America’s safety and security are threatened by nations intent on our destruction Sen. Menendez is the wrong choice to Chair the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. We cannot afford to have someone compromised  by allegations of wrongdoing, unethical behavior or the risk of being blackmailed for personal improprieties.

Sen. Menendez, like all Americans, is innocent until proven guilty but it would be better to step aside until all personal and legal problems are solved. Meanwhile, his claim to be a victim of “nameless, faceless, anonymous allegations by right wing conservatives”is an old but lame excuse used by all liberals. The only individual responsible for  Sen. Menendez’s problems is Sen. Menendez.