The Presidential election is over but Obama’s propaganda campaign will continue as a non-profit organization for the first time in American politics.

Not content with supportive and sympathetic communication media and a Fourth Estate that shills for his every action and pronouncement, this group will provide targeted support and leadership.

Organized under a 501(c)4 social and non-profit label it will be named “Organizing for Action” and attempt to influence public sentiment concerning issues in preparation for the 2014 Congressional elections. Utilizing a multi-million dollar budget, no doubt, character assassination will be used to intimidate all who oppose Obama’s policies and challengers will be depicted as out of the mainstream, radicals, extremists and without heart for the under-privileged and down-trodden.

Ironically, the group will incorporate  the same rules and regulations so vehemently criticized by Obama during the campaign. Unlike the so-called Super Pacs, it will not be required to disclose contributors. This permits unlimited donations by corporations, lobbyists and those seeking influence or favorable consideration on matters like Solyndra.

While claiming to be non-political, it will attempt to destroy the Republican Party, Tea Party and all who oppose the socialization of America and be headed by the same individuals who ran Obama’s re-election campaign, Jim Messina, David Axelrod and David Plouffe.

The only action similar to what Obama plans is that conducted by Joseph Goebbles, the German Minister of Propaganda for Adolph Hitler after his election as Chairman of the National Socialist Party in 1933.