Lifting the ban on women serving in direct combat is the most degrading, humiliating decision possible for a mother, wife, sister, daughter or any female. Assume she joins the Army and takes basic and artillery training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After training, she is assigned to a Field Artillery Observation Battalion with orders to replace a similar outfit in South Korea.

Her new temporary home becomes an 8’x16’ hillside timber and sandbag covered bunker facing the front line. A small slit facing the enemy provides room for observation. Her sometimes clad, sometimes nude bunker buddies are another forward observer and two Korean soldiers. Her job is to gather battlefield information, enemy movement and conduct artillery fire and counter-fire missions.

Inside her bunker are three cots, an oil fired heater, cooking utensils, wash basins, communication equipment, barely enough room to move and no screens or privacy. Bathroom, alias latrine facilities, behind the bunker include a board with a 12” round hole  resting between two steel ammunition crates and over a small pit. It has a crude three foot square canvas cover that rarely protects from rain, sleet or snow. A sometimes wet roll of toilet paper hangs adjacent and countersunk in the ground is a 155 mm shell casing used for urination.

It is in plain view of a nearby infantry unit assigned to the same hill. Based on my very limited experience in the military, it is no place for a woman or social experimentation no matter what the Sec. of Defense orders.