Barack Obama is not the first or only President to issue Executive Orders, yet, many believe doing so is dictatorial. However, legal challenges will surely follow if it is believed Constitutional checks and balances are being deliberately ignored to bypass a Republican Congress and the people’s representatives.

A myriad of social, religious and issue-oriented groups will find some policies and regulations unacceptable and seek adjudication in court. While Obama cannot rely on favorable rulings by the Supreme Court, as presently constituted, like previous Presidents, he may be able to make significant changes. He has already appointed two members in his first term, Sonia Sotomayer and Elena Kagen, both liberals. As many as four additional Justices in their 70’s could opt for retirement during his second term. This could result in a far-left packed Court for decades and solidify central government control and a Socialist society for the future.

While the Court has already ruled on the “Affordable Care Act” different aspects of the controversial legislation that are still being written could be challenged. Other issues that might trigger court action include Obama’s desire to supplant Congress concerning the National Debt, his attempt to weaken 2nd Amendment gun ownership rights, immigration reform, environmental regulations and stripping religious organizations of their Constitutional rights.

With the President’s second term inauguration behind us we may not have to wait too long for Justice’s retirements to be announced and packing of the Supreme Court to commence.