The Obama Administration’s changes and influences are making America virtually unrecognizable. No longer do many Americans exhibit national pride, patriotism, family loyalty, traditional values or religious faith. In fact, those who proudly cling to religious upbringing and biblical teachings seem under attack by Godless advocates seeking to stifle religious liberty.
Opportunity, ambition and work ethics have been replaced by government dependency and a “what’s in it for me “ syndrome. Reliance on programs designed to temporarily assist the indigent have been employed to bribe, enhance and encourage political support.
Sound economics and budgetary practices have been superseded by borrowing money from Communist China to finance wasteful spending and trillion dollar deficits. Member contributions into Social Security and Medical Services have been spent and replaced by promissory notes.
Unsustainable deficits continue without any meaningful attempts to reduce unsound and dangerous impacts on future generations. Our President seems intent on diminution of America’s military capability and superiority at a time external dangers seems extremely foreboding. Sacrificing the world’s finest land, sea and air power encourages our friends to doubt our support and emboldens our enemies to question our deterrent ability. Isn’t it embarrassing that America must now pay Russia millions of dollars to transport our astronauts to and from the space station we constructed?

Combine these characteristics with a government intent on legalizing drugs, condoning same sex relationships that foster an HIV/Aids epidemic and rewarding illegal foreign invaders with citizenship and voting rights and its no wonder America has lost it’s way.