The nation-wide attempt to adversely impact Walmart’s business and intimidate their customers failed. Walmart’s employees are neither forced to work for the company or pay union dues. Whether their salaries and benefits are less than higher class retail establishments is questionable.

The company has a different business model and caters primarily to both under-privileged and a middle class clientele. Their prices on merchandise reflect this company policy. That’s why their shoppers like Walmart.

Unions claim Walmart intimidates employees who are disloyal. Why should any company tolerate employees who antagonize or harass customers or deliberately encourage  patrons to boycott their own store? Any company providing steady employment and paying regular salaries has the right to demand worker allegiance.

What many, including unions, conveniently overlook in mass marketing are retail establishments like Walmart that do more than profit from business.  How often do we see other stores that hire the disabled? Its not unusual to see a Walmart employee tending a cash register while sitting in a wheelchair or a physically handicapped person greeting customers, providing store information and directions or tending shopping carts.

Walmart is successful because it also has a heart in addition to reasonable prices for millions of customers.  It provides job opportunities for thousands of dedicated workers, including some who could never attain employment elsewhere if they are handi-capped or disabled. The public was absolutely correct  crossing picket lines of professional protestors bused in from out of state by union bosses.