Many questions prevail concerning the military aggression against Israel. Why did Hamas wait until after the U.S. election to launch rockets at Israel? Were they concerned a Romney Presidency would not stand idly by? Why has Barack Obama withheld public condemnation of attacks emanating from Palestinian territory against innocent Jewish civilian villages?
     Many believe Obama’s foreign policy is responsible for encouraging this aggression. Could it be Hamas anticipates no criticism by a pro-Palestinian occupant in the American White House?
      No doubt, they were encouraged knowing America’s President supported Palestinian demands that Israel return to 1967 indefensible borders. They were elated knowing this included return of the Golan Heights to Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism. They were pleased to learn Israel and world-wide Jews could be denied access to their holiest site, the Western Wall of Jerusalem.
      Hamas was ecstatic knowing the Democrat Party deliberately omitted reference to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in their Party Platform’s original draft. There has never been  Presidential criticism of their belief that Israel has no right to exist.
      They watched Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu snubbed by Obama and Israel treated as an enemy rather than loyal friend and ally. They read that Obama supported Occupy Wall Street demonstrators that carried anti-Zionist signs and chanted anti-Semitic expressions.
      Finally, could it be that because Barack Obama was born and raised a Muslim he possesses a natural allegiance to both Palestine and Muslim interests? That could be very dangerous for both Israel’s and America’s future.