Was the Al Qaeda terrorist attack and murder of four Americans in Libya simply a “bump in the road”? Are numerous vacations, golf outings and fund-raising trips raising cash from millionaire and billionaire supporters more important than participating in daily National Security briefings?      Is answering softball questions on “The View” or night television more critical than meeting Prime Minister Netanyahu concerning Iran’s threat to annihilate Israel?      Has Obama’s smiles, teleprompter-assisted speeches and playing the blame game reversed four years of economic stagnation, record unemployment and home foreclosures plus growing national poverty and dependency?      Most reasonable people agree, America is on the wrong track and worse off than four years ago. Vice President Biden was correct, “The middle class has  been buried for four years “ under the Obama Presidency. Neither, is their Administration insuring a safer, more secure and debt-free America for future generations.
How long can we continue increasing debt four billion dollars each day without eventual collapse? How can America insure it’s own safety in this dangerous world by slashing our military forces and the pay and benefits for servicemen and women? Weakness emboldens our enemies and scares our friends? Can we trust a President who secretly promises Russia to be “more flexible” in future disarmament negotiations.      Americans don’t face a difficult decision. Either, continued hopelessness, failure, lack of leadership and a weakened Nation or new beginning, opportunity, greater prosperity and a Country respected by both friends and enemies.