An extremely active, vociferous minority led by President Barack Obama is intent on making same sex marriage America’s National Policy. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) a member of the Democrat Party’s Platform Writing Committee, hopes to include this in their Party’s Platform.

Whether in the final draft or not, for the first time in history an American political party and its candidates will be committed to abandoning the biblical and religious definition that traditional marriage is the union between one man and one woman. It would reject long-held Judeo-Christian values and those of the world’s religions, nationalities and races.

No matter how that plank’s language is phrased, there are two objectives. Establish national policy recognizing same sex marriage and, thereby, insure that gay group’s campaign cash continues to flow into Democrat Party coffers.

The implications of how this policy can change America involves the organized campaign of intimidation and coercion against Chic-fil-A and the restaurant’s owners. Same sex proponents, who complain about intolerance of their lifestyles, ostracized the owners of that company for daring to exhibit Constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech and religion.

When the company’s president Dan Cathy said that “biblical marriage should be between one man and one woman“, his restaurants were threatened with boycotting, picketing and ability to expand.

These are un-American bullying acts that would assume tacit approval under new National policy advocated by the Democrat Party. Is that the America we want for future generations?