Attacks on Chic-fil-A are Un-American

Its not only Chic-fil-A and its owners who are being ostracized for daring to exercise Constitutionally guaranteed Freedom of Speech and Religion. There seems to exist a campaign to persecute any American who on religious grounds supports traditional marriage. Those who are also deeply concerned about medical data indicating same sex relationships are the primary cause of HIV/Aids here and world-wide are also subject to intimidation.

How ironic that same sex proponents who constantly complain about intolerance of their lifestyles are so quick to persecute the owners of a business because of their strong religious convictions.

It is blatantly un-American to have business boycotted, picketed or denied access to any area because of differing religious teachings. Unfortunately, this attitude by the Gay community is symptomatic of a small minority who seek to impose their will and values on the majority.

Its also revealing that comments by Chic-fil-A President Dan Cathy that, “ biblical marriage should be between one man and one woman”, elicited criticism by Barack Obama’s close friend and associate Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s Mayor. He indicated Chick-fil-A is not welcome in his City because of their religious position.

Ironically, Emanuel is seeking someone who can change the character of uncontrolled crime, violence and record-breaking murder taking place under his stewardship. He has invited Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan, who many believe is anti-Semitic and anti-Christian, to assist. Maybe, just maybe, inviting the owners of Chic-fil-A would be a wiser choice.