Should America’s First Family take unfair advantage of taxpayers simply because their travel, expenses and protection are guaranteed? The press and media risk being ostracized if they dare question the conduct of President Obama’s wife or children so they remain mute.

Americans want the President and his family to be happy, comfortable and safe during their stay in the White House. However, when their most frequent activity other than fund raising trips are 16 expensive sightseeing, vacation and pleasure sojourns in 3 short years, it is lavish and excessive.

Unfortunately, those costs are shouldered by the poor and hard-pressed middle class taxpayers suffering under severe recession, a jobless recovery, record unemployment and home foreclosures. Millions of dollars for such activities warrant criticism and official apology.

For example, it is wrong for the President and his wife to encourage their 13 year old daughter to invite a dozen friends to join in a Spring break to Mexico when taxpayers must pay for two jumbo military jets, their flight personnel, 25 Secret Service agents and numerous White House support staff costing many thousands of dollars.

Other examples are a sightseeing trip to Spain for Michelle Obama and her daughters costing taxpayers over $500,000 and a pleasure journey to Africa and Botswana that reduced the U.S. Treasury by over $400,00 for aircraft and flight crew alone.

Now we know why Michelle Obama said, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country.”