Now, we know why Barack Obama falsely accuses his opponent of outsourcing. That’s the best way to conceal his own record. He appointed Jeffrey Immelt “Jobs Czar” and said, “The General Electric Company’s President understood how to compete in the global economy“.

The New York Times confirmed that Immelt’s leadership earned G.E. billions of dollars here and by outsourcing American jobs overseas but paid absolutely no income taxes. That, plus the fact Immelt was a loyal supporter and campaign contributor eminently qualified him to be an Administration appointee.

To create American Jobs and tax-free income, General Electric moved their X-Ray Division factory from Wisconsin to China and India was selected for a new $500 million Solar Panel plant. It was hoped Americans would ignore the fact that working in the Job Czar’s new factories would require passports.

Outsourcing includes both jobs and American wealth. When taxpayers must now pay millions of dollars to use Russia’s Soyez Space Capsule to ferry our astronauts to and from the International Space Station we constructed, its outsourcing, disgraceful and a national embarrassment.

When American taxpayers must pay interest on loans from China because the Obama Administration has been irresponsible with a failed economy, out of control spending and huge deficits that’s outsourcing to finance debt and is disgusting.

Next time we hear someone called an outsourcer by the President’s re-election team be aware that no one does it better than Barack Obama.