Will the blind, stupid and naïve again be duped by a teleprompter-assisted Pied Piper? They will if Romney remains a huge bore and Republicans, the Party of the Stupid.

After almost 4 years of embarrassingly anemic, incompetent leadership, unending economic recession, out of control government spending, trillion dollar deficits and record unemployment, the argument for change should be convincing. Yet, ineptitude at practicing the art of politics is proving the Republican Party and its presidential candidate impotent.

Republicans have virtually ignored the recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report showing the Obama recession now entails over 30 continuous months of 8% or over general unemployment plus much higher lack of work for Hispanics, African Americans, youth and recent college graduates.

Forgotten is the fact that Obama’s economic policies stress taxing, regulating and discouraging those who create jobs. At the same time, he and his Chief White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett believe, “People who receive unemployment checks are stimulating the economy“. Completely ignored is the principle that it is far better to encourage tax-payers than tax-receivers. They in turn, want a Marxist approach emphasizing reliance and dependency on government and Barack Obama.

Also, ignored by Republicans is that G.E. President Jeffery Immelt, a major supporter and campaign contributor is Obama’s Jobs Czar and responsible for outsourcing American jobs with two new company factories planned for Mexico and China. Americans looking for jobs would require passports. Republicans, wake up. You have the issues. Use them..