Recent revelations concerning massive student debt and college degrees providing little more than entrance into menial low-paying jobs raises two questions. Were millions of America’s Millennia generation duped by Barack Obama’s 2008 promise of “hope and change” and will their gullibility continue in 2012?

Do they now realize that a slick-talking politician considered “cool” and a “rock star” may have been simply a modern day teleprompter-assisted Pied Piper? Are they now aware the Obama Presidency has converted traditional American opportunity and values into discouragement and loss of independence?

It is really regrettable that many college graduates must now rely on parents for food, lodging and living expenses. It is even more depressing that Presidential lack of leadership and record-breaking unemployment and underemployment have created such despair and disappointment.

Sadly, Millennials will also have to assume eventual responsibility for this Administration’s out of control spending and trillion dollar deficits. Ironically, some actually believe unemployment helps Barack Obama’s re-election effort. The more that rely on government for unemployment benefits, food stamps, clothing allowance and medical assistance, the more are obligated to support government big spenders. This provides ample ammunition for Obama and liberal Democrats to incorporate scare tactics by suggesting these benefits will disappear under new leadership.

Instead of leading our country and solving our economic quandary, Barack Obama has spent almost four years campaigning for re-election. Hope and change have become hopelessness and duplicity. Will Millennials again be duped? That is the question.