An encouraging sign for America’s future occurred when leading Democrats and Republicans agreed that leaking classified and extremely sensitive information endangers lives and our national security. To believe this release was not done to enhance Barack Obama’s foreign policy image is absolutely naïve. Sharing military and security secrets with the press and our enemies for political gain borders on treason and warrants commensurate punishment, if proven.

When the White House leaked information on a computer-based cyber attack by Israel on Syria’s nuclear weapon program it betrayed their trust in America. When the New York Times revealed that it’s story on Drone attacks could be attributed to interviews with dozens of White House advisors, it harmed our national security interests and could compromise that entire effort..

When Barack Obama’s campaign team provided Hollywood friends and campaign contributors tactical information for a movie to be released prior to November 6, 2012 concerning the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden, it was simply for a pre-election Presidential political propaganda tool.

When classified information was aired that a Pakistani doctor helped identify Osama Bin Laden’s DNA, it resulted in a 30 year prison term for his assistance in verifying the ultimate Seal attack was properly targeted.

Now, in response for almost universal contempt for these and other betrayals, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has named two U.S. Attorneys to investigate the unauthorized leaks. Americans would have to be absolutely insane to believe in the success and integrity of this investigation.