Is there a deliberate effort to ignore election fraud by the Obama Administration and the American Civil Liberties Union? When both oppose regulations designed to insure the integrity of America’s election process it certainly seems so. When Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s Attorney General, claims voter fraud is non-existent he overlooks investigations and successful prosecutions following the 2008 election. He disregards bogus registrations, absentee balloting and ballot stuffing that played significant roles in Virginia, Indiana, California, Florida and New York.

Forged names, phony absentee balloting, votes by the deceased and impersonations made a near mockery of our election process. In the forefront was ACORN, a pro-Obama organization that specialized in fraudulent voter registrations in many States and is still active today using front organizations.

Requiring a photo I.D. identifys the voter and establishes his or her eligibility to vote. Similar identification is required to cash a check, board a commercial airliner and seek admittance to many government and private buildings. In fact, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Homeland Security is proposing a New Federal Identification standard to obtain driver’s licenses. Fearing it will be used in the coming election to prevent fraud the ACLU is trying to block usage in court.


The left continues to claim that voter-identification is anti-young, anti-minority and racist. The only action that adversely impacts these groups and all Americans is when fraudulent voters and illegal aliens cast votes that nullify and invalidate those cast by legitimate citizens.