Occupy Wall Street will celebrate May 1st, May Day, by trying to shut down New York City. The symbolism of honoring the same day Communists celebrated their revolution should not be minimized. The NYC actions will coincide with a Socialist-inspired nationwide and global effort to ridicule Free Market Capitalism and encourage its downfall.

Occupy Wall Street, which has been blessed by Barack Obama, is partnering with a group called the Ruckus Society that participated in anarchist protests before. Ruckus, as well as O.W.S. are both funded by billionaire George Soros and his Tides Center. Soros, who invested an estimated five million dollars in Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, is expected to invest even more to insure his re-election.

While New York City has approved permits for peaceful demonstrations, O.W.S. has exhibited little concern for local laws previously. Recently, O.W.S. marauders scaled police barricades, defaced private and public property, firebombed and smashed windows. They have overrun public streets, parks and attacked law enforcement authorities.

Does the Obama Administration truly reflect American opinion by supporting protestors that blame “Judeo-Capitalists” or “Zionist-Jews” for our present economic failure? How can elected officials respect and embrace radical street mobs who blame Jewish businessmen and bankers rather than the incompetence of their own Administration for ineffective government economic policies? Unfortunately, the Obama team considers these bigoted street demonstrations an important adjunct of their billion dollar re-election effort and have embraced their protestations.