Is America’s Millennia Generation stupid, naïve or duped by a modern-day teleprompter-assisted Pied Piper? Like many Americans misled by a rather young slick talking politician promising “hope and change”, they are now paying a steep price for their gullibility. Their hard-earned, extremely expensive college degrees provide little more than entrance into menial, low-paying jobs.

In fact, prospects are reported grim for over 53% of recent college graduates. Their hopes and dreams for success, independence and ample wages are woefully deficient or non-existent.

Many of their present disappointments and predicaments are directly attributable to their college professors and instructors who, steeped in Socialism and anti-Capitalism, imparted their inclinations to students. After a few years of liberal-left brainwashing it is not surprising they became easy victims when promised “hope and change” by a fellow Socialist seeking the United States Presidency. Now, graduated into the real world, they are learning that omnipotent government is neither all-competent, all-powerful or a genuine savior.

Faced with record unemployment, underemployment, massive home foreclosures, excessive regulations, budget-busting spending and trillion dollar deficits opportunities are limited. Many graduates must rely on parents for food, housing and expenses while their college loans remain unpaid.

No doubt, Barack Obama’s “hope and change” resulted in “hopelessness and disappointment”. Faced with four more years of a similar political scam, we can only hope they have a change of heart.