How many truly believe Barack Obama’s accomplishments have improved our lives, Nation and future for coming generations? For many, he has compounded a recession and made it far worse. Reckless spending, multiple trillion dollar deficits, record-breaking unemployment, continuing home foreclosures and growing inflation are proof positive.

His Green Policy has prevented America from attaining energy independence and is burdening both individuals and business with near-record gasoline prices. His campaign strategy of income-based envy, polarization and use of a Marxist theory of “Class Warfare” is dividing rather than uniting our country.

Under his Administration, success, innovation and hard work are criticized and dependency on government encouraged. Morality and decency were replaced by anti-religious demands, omnipotent regulations, political cronyism and embarrassing scandals.

Instead of Obama utilizing his position and prestige to ameliorate economic hardships, multiple vacations, sightseeing trips, golf outings, perpetual campaigning and fundraising are his highest priorities. He seems obsessed with amassing a billon dollar slush fund from wealthy friends and privileged supporters.

Even more upsetting is seeing our streets and parks overrun by anarchists, and revolutionary members of Occupy Wall Street who want to replace Free Market Capitalism with Socialism. To think our President would give tacit support and approval to mobs who destroy public and private property, interfere with free speech and public access, attack police and proudly display anti-Semitic signs is beyond belief.

Whatever are Barack Obams’s accomplishments, they have spelled disaster for our Country and that’s why he should and must be replaced.