Suggestions that women will prefer Obama over Romney represent wishful thinking by Democrats. His supporters invented a “Republican War on Women” because they fear Obama will be victimized by a female backlash.

The Obama Administration itself waged a “War on Women” by extending America’s economic failures, record unemployment and foreclosures, budget-busting debt, trillion dollar deficits and lack of leadership.

Why would women prefer someone who promised “hope and change” and to bring people together then substituted fear, envy and class warfare? How can women approve policies that place our country’s future in doubt and danger?

Can women prefer someone who travels worldwide criticizing and apologizing for America’s greatness, generosity, sacrifice and support of freedom? And, no citizen can approve a President that wholeheartedly supports groups like “Occupy Wall Street” that inundate streets and parks with marauding mobs of anarchists, revolutionaries and protestors chanting anti-Semitic remarks, destroying property and attacking police.

Should women prefer someone whose background is shrouded in mystery, radical associations and experience as a “Community Organizer” encouraging strikers and street protests or Mitt Romney, a former Michigan governor, successful businessman, job creator, and possessing a splendid record of leadership in rescuing the 2002 Winter Olympics?

How many women believe our country is safe and secure knowing Pres. Obama secretly promised Russian President Dimitri Medvedev to be “more flexible” by compromising our military superiority if re-elected and will that mean a sellout?

Yes, Mitt Romney looks Presidential, but preserving America for future generations is why he deserves women’s votes.