America’s safety and security could be seriously compromised if Barack Obama is re-elected. His recent confidential remarks to Russian President Dimitri Medvedev that were captured on an open microphone suggest he may have a secret agenda. Some fear it may involve surrendering our Country’s defensive missile technology to curry favor with Russia’s new President Vladimir Putin. Others believe Obama will offer unilateral disarmament leaving our Nation dangerously vulnerable to military or nuclear blackmail.

Ironically, America’s left-wing media and Fourth Estate are deliberately ignoring this danger by permitting political bias and pro-Obama adoration to inhibit trust, reliance and fairness in their journalistic endeavors. Sadly, it means Americans can no longer rely on objective, forthright reporting.

The President’s comment raises many questions. Should we enter into agreement with a nation that has proved to be untrustworthy? Should our President secretly negotiate away critical weapon advantage or technology without comprehensive military and congressional input and over-sight?

Should we trust a nation that consistently opposes us in the United Nations, supports terrorism and encourages revolutionary activities in the Middle East, Cuba and Venezuela? Before any agreement is consummated how can we insure free and open access to their nuclear weapons and missile facilities?

If Barack Obama believes he will have “more flexibility “ to deal with strategic defensive negotiations after his re-election maybe we would be better off not taking that risk and elect someone we can trust and who doesn’t promise secret deals.