President Obama’s “Affordable Health Care Act” may not be so affordable. It reduces Medicare $500 million and slashes Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities subsidies $40 million directly impacting the elderly.

Commencing 2013 and after the Presidential election, a new 3.8% realty tax will mean seniors selling homes will owe the Federal government thousands of dollars. Additionally, another new 1% tax will be levied on all bank transactions including withdrawals and direct deposit of Pension and Social Security checks.

Since many seniors require walkers, wheel chairs, pacemakers, stints or replacement knees and hips, Obama Care established a new 2.9% tax on manufacturers of medical devices and branded drugs that will be passed on to users.

If not punishment enough, Obama Care establishes an “Independent Payment Advisory Board” consisting of fifteen political appointees whose expressed goal is reducing government costs of providing care. In addition, the “Act” mandates rationing of service for cancer patients.

Obama Care requires seniors to attend “End of Life” planning Seminars and government will direct “End of Life” orders. The “Act” also states, “Government must be given access to your finances and bank accounts for elective funds transfer”.

If all of these new taxes, charges and regulations seem oppressive, they are. We know now why democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said we should wait until the legislation passed to understand what’s in it. Saving us from this onerous “Act” and preserving America’s wonderful health care system requires a new President.