America has a secret ruler capable of influencing and exercising control over our President and his policies. His power supersedes that of all elected or appointed public officials. It emanates from a multi-billion dollar personal fortune and willingness to spend it promoting his Socialistic views.

He believes the main barrier to financial soundness and world peace is the United States of America and its destruction can be accomplished by installing a sympathetic supporter in the White House. He advocates open borders, one world foreign policy, legalizing drugs and Euthanasia.

To achieve this, he reportedly spent over five million dollars in 2008 to elect Barack Obama President and will spend more to insure his re-election. He bankrolls organizations like MoveOn.Org, the Apollo Alliance, Media Matters, the Tides Foundation, ACLU, ACORN and Occupy Wall Street to participate in the coming election campaign.

Who is this man? Born in 1930 in Hungary, his name was Gyorgy Schwartz. Having never practiced the Jewish religion, the family changed their name to curry favor with a growing Nazi Party. He eventually assisted Adolph Eichmann in confiscating property from Jews prior to their murder during the Holocaust. During an interview with Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes”, he claimed taking their belongings was enjoyable and he harbored no guilt.

In their book, “The Shadow Party”, David Horowitz and Richard Poe detail his control over the Obama Administration. This America hater, George Soros, is the principal financier and contributor to Barack Obama.