Those who elected Barack Obama President shoulder some of the blame for higher gasoline prices. They blindly accepted his call for “change” without demanding how it would impact this country’s future energy policy.

Few realized “change” included a Green Energy proposal crafted by environmental extremists that rejected use of fossil fuels and gasoline powered vehicles. The scheme believed higher pump prices would encourage people to forsake their SUV’s and family sized cars for those battery operated.

Ignored was the fact their size and weight makes them extremely dangerous. Their limited range makes them totally impractical, and their cost, even with a government subsidy, exorbitant.  Add to this $3,000 for battery replacement.

President Obama hoped $4.00-$5.00 /Gal. gasoline would be delayed until after his re-election. Since he can no longer blame George Bush or Don Chaney, Republicans, Tea Party supporters, oil companies, Wall Street and anyone other than his own failed energy policy will be deemed responsible.

His proposal also conveniently omitted consideration of absolutely critical nation-wide charging stations, nor, did it realize expanded use of electric vehicles would require enlargement of America’s fossil-fuel powered  electrical energy generation.

Barack Obama worries elevated gasoline prices will impact re-election chances, especially, if prices approach European levels of $10,00/ Gal. Some fear he will again draw down this Nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves to lower prices. Doing so, would be blatantly political and endanger our military preparedness at the worst possible time.