Americans are concerned about the direction and future of our country based on leadership, policies and changes instituted by Barack Obama. For many, the Nation willed to them by America’s founders and their parents is becoming unrecognizable and dangerous. His decision to unilaterally disarm and rely on OPEC for our energy needs threatens our safety and security.

They see decency, cooperation and respect for others and private property replaced by hatred, jealousy and turmoil. Their President wants religious institutions to violate fundamental moral and conscionable doctrines guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. He prefers death over life for the unborn, legalization of marijuana and same sex marriage.

A Dependency Society has replaced the work ethic responsible for creating a record standard of living. Half of our population is sustained by government subsidies and the American dream of home ownership is fading. Class Warfare is utilized to discourage success, divide Americans and encourage record unemployed to blame anybody but Obama for government failures.

The President encouraged and supported street mobs that attacked Law Enforcement authorities, committed acts of violence, destroyed and unlawfully occupied private property. He ignored Occupy Wall Street expressions of bigotry and anti-Semitism. Some believe he will incorporate O.W.S. to disrupt and divert attention from his eventual opponent’s campaign rallies. Many fear his re-election would encourage permanent acts of insurrection, anti-Capitalism and streets similar to those in Europe, bloodied by protestors. Changing our President not our Country is our only hope.