Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are presiding over an unprecedented and dangerous transformation of our country and the main stream press and media seem completely oblivious. Rule of Law, acts of decency and respect for the rights of others are being usurped by marauding mobs of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. Our streets and cities are being victimized by a conglomeration of revolutionaries, anarchists and communists bent on destroying our country and substituting leftist controls and leadership.

They incorporate violence and chaos, destroy public and private property, firebomb and attack police and cost taxpayers millions while promoting Class Warfare, anti-Capitalism and masquerading as representing 99% of the people. While most Americans consider such acts, including deliberate desecration of our flag repulsive, our President and his Party stand mute and unwilling to oppose or criticize these despicable acts.

They even ignore blatant expressions of bigotry and anti-Semitism by protestors that blame ”Judeo-Capitalists” and “Zionist Jews” for our economic quagmire. They overlook statements blaming Jewish businessmen and bankers rather than incompetence of their own Administration for ineffective government policies.

The reason why President Obama and Democrats ignore these radical activities is clear. Occupy Wall Street will play an integral part of their re-election campaign. His eventual opponent will have to endure busloads of O.W.S. demonstrators specifically trained to disrupt all rallies, public meetings and campaign promotions. This will insure press coverage and media reports that concentrate on those protesting rather than criticism of the President.