Over 50 years ago, a William Hearst newspaper columnist authored an explanation of what constitutes a Conservative and it remains valid today.

“A Conservative is one who believes the trials and errors of civilization, the risks and gains in history have produced a body of experience from which it is unwise to depart rapidly. Therefore, he or she conserves the best part of human experience, not expecting the world can be changed in a lifetime. He or she is not a preserver of ancient forms but a conservator of that which has proven to be beneficial.

Generally, he or she accepts certain absolutes; in religion, for instance, God; in biology, that humans are created beings; in philosophy, that people desire and accept free will; in economics, Capitalism; in politics they believe in the right of people to choose their own government but, they do not believe government is all wise, all-competent or should be all-powerful.”

Our Presidential election will contrast political, social and economic values. An expensive campaign will try to discredit and demonize Barack Obama’s eventual opponent and Conservatives. They will be criticized, marginalized and denounced with epithets like extremist, radical, anti-poor, pro-wealthy, anti-immigrant and obstructionist.

But, if three years of Obama’s “hope and change” and liberalism is so wonderful, why is there still record unemployment, home foreclosures, higher gasoline and energy costs, record debt and deficits, more requiring food stamps and government handouts, greater controls, omnipotent regulations and America’s future in doubt?