Conservatives have missed the boat.  They are blind and stupid. The main stream media, including John King and Wolf Blitzer last night, were successful in keeping the name of Barack Obama and any of his actions, decisions or policies out of the discussion for almost half of the two hour debate. As long as they deliberately encouraged each candidate  to criticize the other, Obama’s three year record of a failed economy and Socialist policies were immune from discussion or criticism.

Debates moderated by leftists are a function of the Chicago  Obama campaign strategy. If Republicans are trapped into 2 or 3 similar debates during the general elcction the same protect  Obama formats will be repeated. They will center on the Republican candidate, his questionable background, finances and the stupidity of asking which wife would make a better First Lady.  Obama will laugh all the way to four more years of destroying our country. Why is it that Democrats are smarter and more clever politicians? Wake up before it is too late……….