Should our President allow environmental lobbyists influence or dictate this Nation’s energy policy? That occurred when Barack Obama rejected construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas oil refineries.

Doing so, severely compromised our Country’s national security and economic viability. Ignored, were three years of intensive and comprehensive studies, enormous public input and environmental impact approvals. Both critical job creation and energy independence were sacrificed in a indefensible decision that mirrored his gambling and squandering millions of taxpayer dollars on Solyndra and other failed solar companies,. America cannot afford a national energy policy reliant on inefficient solar panels and 17th century windmills to generate 21st century power needs.

The 1661 mile Keystone project would create thousands of jobs for surveyors, civil and electrical engineers, light and heavy construction workers, pipe fitters and electricians. Industries benefiting would include construction equipment plants, pipe foundries, and electrical wiring and controls manufacturers.

The proposed pipeline provided Obama with a decision indicating his seriousness in encouraging job creation and energy independence. Either, obtain 700,000 barrels of oil each day from Canada, a friendly neighbor and create thousands of jobs at the same time or, continue to pay $1,000,000 a day for oil from OPEC and anti- American Arab dictators and see Canada’s oil shipped to China.

With gasoline prices approaching $4.00 per gallon and home-heating oil and energy costs escalating, Obama’s decision was a “no brainer”. Siding with environmental extremists is why America needs new leadership.