One can see from my previous postings I’m a Conservative and have been so since 1950 and before it was acceptable. I was one of the founders of the New York State Conservative Party in 1962, have had published over 500 conservative articles and letters and authored the book, “More Than a Conservative”.

     But I’m sick over what Conservatives are doing to guarantee Obama a second term. It seems like a scorched earth policy that says, if it can’t be a recognized Conservative Republican now competing for the nomination, America would be better off with a left wing Muslim traitor. That is absolutely stupid. No, Mitt Romney is not Ronald Reagan and unfortunately, we can’t clone him. I recognize that and most right thinking Americans agree.

     But to so destroy Romney’s chances by, of all things, using leftist anti-Capitalist charges to weaken him is doing a diservice to all Americans and the Conservative cause. If this campaign fails and a weakened Romney is the Republican candidate we will have to endure four more years of Socialist propaganda and our Nation’s downfall.

     Can you just image how happy Obama’s Chicago headquarters must be watching this circus? Let’s come to our senses. The Conservative choices are not going to win the Republican nomination. More than likely, it will be Romney. We can play an important roll by encouraging  a Conservative running mate and both Senate and Congress. That’s the best way to insure a Conservative Republican Administration.