To satisfy a Green Energy, anti-fossil fuel obsession Barack Obama instituted policies and regulations leading to higher oil, gas and energy costs. He hoped this would convince Americans to shift from gasoline powered to smaller, limited range electric vehicles.

As a result, home and business energy costs have increased, oil has doubled in price and gasoline risen from $1.65/gal. when Obama assumed office to $3.00/gal. and higher. This energy policy costs American families over $4,000 yearly to operate vehicles and compromises food costs when corn-based ethanol is used as a gasoline additive.

Now, he opposes construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Texas refineries. In addition to substantially decreasing oil, fuel and power costs and promoting America’s energy independence, it would create thousands of well-paying engineering, construction, manufacturing and service jobs sorely needed in a failed economy with record unemployment.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is held hostage by a well-financed, powerful lobby of campaign contributors and bundlers who cling to gloom, doom and global warming extremism. That’s why $535 million taxpayer dollars were lost when given to Solyndra, a failed solar energy company.

Allowing global warming hysteria dictate this Nation’s energy policy is also costing taxpayers one million dollars daily to purchase 60% of our oil needs from foreign sources. This makes absolutely no sense when within our Nation’s borders are oil, gas and coal reserves far exceeding that controlled by OPEC and those who despise this country.