Barack Obama wants Jewish voters to overlook three years of  snubs, insults and treating Israel as our enemy rather than loyal friend and ally. We should forget that when Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, first visited the White House he was secretly ushered in via a back door. There were no cameras, no press and no usual public handshake. When Palestinian representatives visited, it was public, photographed and the handshake televised world-wide.
     He wants us to ignore his foreign policy recommendation that Israel return to 1967 borders and offer unilateral concessions to those who refuse to recognize the country  exists. While this decision pleased Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinajad,  Israel’s Prime Minister said Obama’s proposal would make the small nation “indefensible”.
     It would deny world-wide Jews access to their holiest site, the Western Wall of Jerusalem. It would reward the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas and require return of the Golan Heights to Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism.
     Obama’s foreign policy decision encouraged anti-Semitic fervor world-wide and, especially, among Arab countries. It was also evident within the United States by Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who expressed their anti-Semitism in statements and signs blaming “Judeo-Capitalists” and “Zionist Jews” for America’s present economic plight. Ironically, the President expressed support for the demonstrators and ignored their expressions of bigotry. For him to now go around the country promoting a strong record of support for Israel in order to solidify Jewish support is the height of chutzpah.