The “Affordable Health Care Act” alias Obama Care, poses grave risks for seniors. Reducing Medicare $500 billion and Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility subsidies $40 billion are two concerns. Proposed monthly Medicare insurance premium increases to $120.20 in 2013 and $247.00 in 2014 is another.

Rather than “Affordable”, it mandates a new 3.8% tax on home and real estate sales, a new 1% tax on bank transactions, including direct deposit of Social Security and pension checks and new taxes on branded drugs as well as domestic and foreign produced medical device manufacturers.

The Health Act will require 16,000 new I.R.S. agents to enforce a myriad of taxes and regulations impacting businesses and individuals. In addition, the government will have the right to make electronic transactions directly from individual bank accounts.

More than financial implications, Obama Care assumes Americans will follow Europeans who accept “Hopeless Diagnosis” as a justifiable option for withholding treatment for age-related maladies. In fact, Medicare’s own chief, Donald Berwick said, “Its cheaper for the government to let sick people die than care for them”.

Decisions concerning patient’s treatment options and costs will be made by 15 political appointees on an “Independent Payment Advisory Board” whose expressed goal is reducing elder care costs. Cancer hospitals will ration care for seniors and “End of Life” planning seminars will be mandatory with the government directing “End of Life” orders. Is it imperative “Obama Care “ be repealed? The answer should be clear.