We are living in strange times when bigotry in the form of “anti-Semitism” is ignored by our President, and members of the Democrat Party. Remaining mute and refusing to forcefully criticize or condemn blatant anti-Jewish, anti-Israel sentiment by “Occupy Wall Street “ demonstrators, disseminates a dangerous signal.

Does the Obama Administration truly reflect American opinion by supporting protestors in New York and elsewhere that blame “Judeo-Capitalists” or “Zionist-Jews” for our present economic failure? How can elected officials respect and embrace radical street mobs who blame Jewish businessmen and bankers rather than the incompetence of their own Administration for ineffective government policies?

Unfortunately, the Obama team considers street demonstrations an important adjunct of their billion dollar re-election effort. Both unions and left-leaning entertainers have embraced the effort while they ignore those who boast it is a “revolution not reform”. They disregard signs that state “Kill Capitalists”. They overlook mobs inundating and blocking streets, antagonizing and resisting police, violating private property rights and screaming protestors who frighten children at private residences. They refuse to recognize violence, destruction of property and bloodshed are inevitable.

How ironic that the protestors and Barack Obama are both endorsed and substantially financed by Hungarian billionaire George Soros who’s objective is replacement of American Capitalism with a Socialist dictatorship. Do Americans want a Nation in perpetual disarray because of revolutionary-minded anarchists and street mobs who desire to supplant our economic system with one designed by Karl Marx? I sincerely doubt it.