I’ve been watching your protests and listening to complaints. Frankly, your messages and messengers seem illogical, confused and hypocritical. The millionaires and billionaires you criticize are Barack Obama’s major campaign contributors. He bailed out banks, big businesses and Solyndra Solar. You should be criticizing him for seeking a one billion dollar slush fund from the rich and famous like General Electric President Jeffery Immelt, Warren Buffet and George Soros.

If you lack jobs commensurate with your experience and education, don’t worry. Obama designated Immelt “Jobs Czar” and opportunities will abound in General Electric’s new Chinese and Mexican factories.

If despondent over involvement in two Middle Eastern wars, Obama has kept combat operations in Libya secret so it doesn’t qualify as war. You demand “free college education”. Liberal politicians you support agree and, many favor free in-state college education for children of illegal aliens, not citizens.

Since most protestors seem young, America’s medical system is probably unimportant but realize, Obama Care cut $500 billion from Medicare and $40 billion from Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities. Hopefully, while gainfully employed in the Job Czar’s new Chinese or Mexican facilities, you will subsidize your aging parent’s reduced medical benefits.

Finally, if you think occupying private parks or demonstrating at private homes will encourage support, you are blinded by anarchists, revolutionaries, Marxists and those who want to destroy our wonderful nation and are too stupid to realize Obama is the problem, not Wall Street and not Capitalism.