Anarchy and insurrection are coming to American streets thanks to Barack Obama’s Chicago-based “class warfare” campaign strategy. While peaceful now, destruction of public and private property and bloodshed are sure to follow.

The President’s desire to redistribute wealth exhorts those who harbor Marxist and revolutionary tendencies to rail against Capitalism and Free Market economics. They are supported by union leaders, the Democrat Party, a myriad of entertainment leftists and socialist groups and the Presidents principal bankroller, billionaire George Soros and his Move On organization.

How hypocritical that bands of misfits, malcontents and Obama supporters are demonstrating against the same wealthy businessmen and bankers contributing $35,000 each to dine with the President and $10,000 for a photo. They are ranting against millionaires, billionaires and campaign bundlers helping the President attain a one billion dollar re-election slush fund. Their activities are deliberately diverting attention away from Barack Obama’s incompetence and failed leadership.

Is the “change” Obama promised a second American Revolution? When questioned, many demonstrators admitted, “This is a revolution, not reform”. While violence has not developed, liberal actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr supports the civil disorder and believes, “ the guillotine be used to behead the rich” if they don’t pay retribution.

Defeating Barack Obama is more important than creating jobs, cutting taxes and reducing regulations. Americans must realize that re-electing Barack Obama means their children and grandchildren will live in a nation beset by mobs of revolutionaries intent on destroying our free society.