More and more, Americans of every political persuasion are calling for “anyone but Obama” to be our next President. The Solyndra Solar scandal proved two things. The President’s promise of “change we can believe in” meant transferring pay-to-play Chicago style politics to Washington, D.C. and then billing taxpayers.

Second, Obama’s Green Energy obsession is severely damaging ours and our offspring’s economies. Good paying jobs are unattainable, gasoline and energy costs have skyrocketed for individuals and businesses and use of corn-based ethanol as a fuel additive increases food expenses. Reliance on a Green economy is leaving our Nation dependent on OPEC and anti-American dictators for 40% of our energy needs. Why should our country, blessed with abundant coal, gas and oil reserves within our own borders, be held hostage by Arab and other foreign enemies?

Providing billions in economic stimulus funds, in the form of loan guarantees to renewable energy companies and their executives, is in reality, pay-to-play. More disturbing is that Solyndra Solar wasn’t the only Green Energy company benefiting from generous gifts of our tax dollars prior to declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

While Americans suffer under an unending recession, many families rely on grocery coupons to subsidize living costs, over 40 million live in poverty and on food stamps, home foreclosures are at record levels and both investment and retirement savings have tanked, Barack Obama feels comfortable rewarding cronies, campaign supporters and contributors with taxpayer dollars. No wonder “anyone but Obama” sounds better and better.