Rep. Andre Carson (D. Ind.) resurrected the term “Jim Crow” and accused Tea Party supporters and Republicans of wanting to see blacks “hanging from trees”. Other members of the Congressional Black Caucus echoed similar outrageous rants, raves and insinuations. What was our President’s response to these despicable, disgusting outbursts? Complete and utter silence which suggests two distinct possibilities. Either Barack Obama agrees with a campaign tactic emphasizing racism or he lacks the courage to publicly criticize his own supporters who made them.

How strange that Democrats who belong to a political party infamous for being pro-slavery, pro-segregation and prominent in leading the Klu-Klux-Klan should stoop to using “racism” as a campaign tactic against many associated with the Party of Abraham Lincoln.

Why would they do such a thing? The answers are hypocrisy, a worry over election ramifications due to the President’s failed economic policies and fear that almost 40% unemployment among Afro-Americans in inner city neighborhoods could encourage voter disenchantment.

Ironically, the President’s own campaign to curry favor with Hispanics by approving back door citizenship for thousands of illegal aliens backfired when many took service-related and construction jobs formally occupied by traditional liberal Obama supporters.

Fearful of voter backlash over high employment by one of the President’s most loyal and strongest voting blocs, his Chicago-based campaign has invoked “racism” to frighten, intimidate and hold these supporters in line until November 2012.