Barack Obama’s billion dollar re-election campaign of deceit, intimidation and buck passing is under way. Based in Chicago, renowned for under-handed politics, it could be the dirtiest and most expensive ever.

Flushed with wealthy supporters who contribute $35,000 each to dine with him and $10,000 for photo-ops, the President also enjoys support of millionaire and billionaire liberals like George Soros, pro-Obama business executives, union leaders and Hollywood personalities.

One of his campaign’s strategies is character assassination. Leading Republicans are already experiencing a sample of his political venom by being called “extremists, radicals, hostage takers and domestic terrorists“.

These represent his campaign’s “talking points” and are disseminated to sympathetic supporters, reporters and commentators. Mainstream Media quickly responds by ignoring the source and incorporating them in political commentary and news reports.

Meanwhile, his campaign has a cadre of professional hecklers and pickets ready to be bused wherever a Republican or Tea Party rally or opponent’s Town Meeting is scheduled. Splinter groups associated with Acorn, the same organization responsible for illegally registering thousands of ineligible voters in 2008, are standing by to provide similar assistance in 2012. We don’t know if uniformed club wielding pro-Obama intimidators will again appear at Polling Places.

Until his opponent is officially designated, we can expect the President will blame his lack of leadership, ineptitude and ineffectiveness on George Bush, a Republican Congress, the Tea Party, Japan, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, the Free market, corporations, banks and bad luck.